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The unique design of the Pathlight Power Analytics will give you the freedom to look at business information from either a “bottom up” or a “top down” view, depending on their preference. A “top down” approach may be used when the Pathlight Power Map models are being defined, and when reviewing proformas (1) as they are being entered into the system. The “bottom up” approach will be most useful when data is being entered into the proformas (i.e., ongoing activities, projects, revenue, and capital). Data entry may be performed by team leaders, supervisors, or designated individuals that are responsible for planning and budgeting.

As the Pathlight Power Map models develop, graphical and textual summaries may be viewed for monitoring progress and critical benchmarking. For example, you may quickly find out how much work effort, costs, or revenue would be required to achieve any given strategy or objective. Conversely, you will be able to see the impact of projects and changes on a particular product or service line. The Pathlight Power Analytics will also provide infrastructural support for other capabilities as they relate to activities such as gap analysis (measuring performance), critical benchmarking, and development of an Opportunity Seriatim to optimize projects or opportunities in the Pathlight Capabilities Framework.

As a conceptual tool, or systematic process, the Pathlight Capabilities Framework provides a means for transforming intuitions and/or situational business dynamics into an easily understood, orderly sequence of implementation steps.

This framework tool originated from practical applications within the small to medium-sized businesses. It can be applied in four different ways: 1) to decompose a product / service concept; 2) to measure product/service performance; 3) to evaluate your business; and 4) to design technology innovation and integration projects. Pathlight Capabilities Framework employs a dynamic matrix, which maps a business in terms of its goals, purposes, inputs, and outputs to its comparative factors of narrative summary, objectively verifiable indicators (OVIs), means of verification (MOVs), and assumptions.

Pathlight Capabilities Framework includes an implementation of your custom-defined goals, purposes, inputs, and outputs elements as they describe the composition of a project or business proforma. In addition, this tool provides for OVIs through its critical success factor mechanisms, as well as for MOVs through its benchmark measurement/comparison capabilities. Future versions of Pathlight Capabilities Framework will provide greater functionality as it regards the multi-dimensional framework concept, including:

  • Objective formulation
  • Tree analyses
  • Project impact assessment in the design phase
  • Project/Program roll-up evaluation
  • Alternative scenarios through multiple-hypothesis assumptions

EverythingDiSC™ assessment is a personality tool that provides insights into one's natural and adaptable behaviors styles. DiSC traditionally been used to understand peoples' combination of primary and secondary personality and behavioral types. The DiSC™ assessment, developed by William Moulton Marston, profiles four primary behavioral styles, each with a very distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. Applied in corporate, business and personal situations the DiSC™ assessment can lead to professional and personal insights. Understanding the DiSC™ patterns has empowered millions internationally to better understand themselves and others. The results of the online disc profile report are designed to provide targeted insights and strategies for interpersonal success through more effective communication, understanding and tolerance. DiSC™ is used for personal growth and development, training, coaching and managing of individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.

The Everything DiSC™ Profile is used as a learning and training tool to create rapid rapport and connection between people in the workplace for sales, management, and leadership. Understanding behavioral styles enhance both personal and professional relationships by improving communication skills and reducing conflict. Imagine being able to better understand what motivates yourself and others. You will gain insight into how to effectively relate to others. Learn more...

The Social Business Assessment, developed by Kathy Herrmann, is an assessment tool which benchmarks your business’ level of social media sophistication. With the prevalence of social media, you have started to incorporate some of the basics by adding a Facebook page or a Twitter handle, but are at a loss to prove how it’s affecting the bottom-line. Part of that is because we don't realize where we are with respect to a continuum of what we could be doing

We work with clients to benchmark their “As Is” state of social media initiatives and compare them to “Could Be” via best practices. With this insight, you can create world-class social media and digital presences and are more likely to monetize their investments when they accomplish higher levels of capabilities with their social media initiatives.

Benefits to PR and marketing agencies - Use the assessment tool for business development as well as client retention. Demonstrate the value of your agency’s social services. Gain a pathway to sell additional social services.

Benefits to Brands - Gain actionable insights needed to build executable strategies that will take the brand to the next level of social maturity — and increased engagement with customers and other interested parties.

Gain increased revenues and profitability from social initiatives.

Areas of Assessment

  1. Audience engagement,
  2. Content,
  3. Community interaction,
  4. Campaign execution,
  5. Metrics, and
  6. Organizational support.

Now more than ever in recent history, it is VITAL that you run your business at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. At Intellicore Design Consulting, business coaching is the foundation and glue for all our services offered. You ask the question, “Why does coaching work and how can it impact my business and life?” In the past, we have seen many businesses attempt to make changes either to their processes, customer service, sales, marketing, or systemize the business with disappointing results. It could have been because not everyone was on the same page including your vendors, customers, your employees, and even you. Or it could have been expectations were not met. Or it just was not a good fit and it did not solve the problem and only made it worse.

Business coaching is about making permanent and fundamental shifts in your view of yourself, your business, and your life. As we work together, we guide you to use the right tools to empower your business and life. As a team, we make it happen such as:

  • getting more customers
  • serving them better so they return
  • maximizing your profits
  • hiring, training, and motivating good employees
  • systemizing your business so you can have more time for you
  • managing your financial position